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How to Protect the Crucible
Avoidheating when crucible is cold. Heat crucible slowly to dull red heat when first using, then heat up quickly to white heat.
Crucible should be heated uniformly all around to avoid bottom and chine of all crucible, heated much faster than the top.
Avoid dropping of the metal ingots in the crucible instead place the same with the help of a long providing a gap in between in a vertical position only.
Crucible should be installed or removed from the furnace with the help of clamp jaws which should be fitted around the middle portion of the crucible with the help of two persons instead of a long operated by a single person by holding it near the edge.
While pushing the metal pieces or stirring the melt or removing the accumulated cross with a rod, care should be taken not to strike the rod on any part of the crucible wall/bottom.
Rotate the crucible periodically to avoid erosion of the wall near burner of the furnace.
Use graphite stand of suitable size below the crucible by placing graphite or carbon powder in between the crucible and the stand to avoid sticking of the crucible to the stand.
The crucible wall should be allowed to expand when heated hence provide suitable gap about 3 mm. or place ceramic asbestoss cloth between wall and the supporting brick provided in the furnace.
In the oil-fired furnace, ensure that the combination of air and oil is adequate so that fuel burns to the fullest.
In the oil-fired furnace.ensure that the drought is directed towards the wall of the furnace and not on the crucible and that the flame swirls around the crucible.
In the coke-fired furnace, cavities in the furnace chamber due to uneven stocking of coke must be avoided.
Electric furnace must be air sealed.
Charge the crucible with metal only after the crucible becomes red hot.
Fluxes in adequate quantity should be added only after metal is molten.
The adhering slag/dross accumulated on the inside of the crucible wall must be removed with suitable tools after every charge while the crucible is in "hot" condition
Avoid delay between subsequent heatings and use the crucible for obtaining many melts continuously.